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Illustrated Pet Portraits by Studio Figs

Personalized, handmade pet portraits make a perfect gift for any occasion. They can be a memorable keepsake for yourself or a loved one, and they're a guaranteed conversation starter!

Illustrated Pet Portraits by Studio Figs are all custom made by Rebecca Figler Kostich. Each standard portrait is hand drawn as a vignette (plain white background) using Prismacolor colored pencils on smooth bristol board. 

Please see the FAQ below for more info, or email

Click here to see what these portraits look like!​

How to Place Your Custom Pet Portrait Order:

1. Purchase the type of portrait you want in my Etsy Shop! To only pay the $50 deposit, choose the portrait you want, click "Other" under the Payment Method, and then purchase a $50 deposit from the Etsy Shop (or click the secure PayPal link below). By making a payment, you indicate that you have agreed to the Terms of Service (listed on this page). ​


2. Send your favorite photo(s) of your pet to Be sure to indicate which photograph you would like me to base the portrait on, if you have a preference!


3. Please allow two weeks from the date of your deposit/payment for the portrait to be completed.


4. An unedited image of your finished portrait will be emailed or sent to you through Etsy for your approval. You may request any final changes at this time.


5. Once you have approved the final portrait, if you have a remaining balance, a secure PayPal link will be sent to your email or through Etsy. Once payment has been made in full, your portrait will be shipped directly to you! Please allow at least a week for shipping, depending on your distance from Massachusetts. If you're local, you can request a meeting to pick up the portrait.


Pet Portrait FAQ


Who makes the portraits?

Illustrated Pet Portraits by Studio Figs are all hand drawn and custom made by Rebecca Figler Kostich.


What medium and surface do you use for your portraits, and what is the standard size?

I use Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore 400 series smooth bristol board. The standard sizes of paper I use are 8x10", 9x12", and 11x14". Each standard portrait is created as a vignette with a plain white background.


What is the pricing for each portrait?

8x10" Portraits (1 pet) start at $200

9x12" Portraits (1 pet) start at $250

11x14" Portraits (1 pet) start at $300

Each additional pet is $50

Frames are $50 (includes packing and shipping)

Smaller added accessories are complimentary; larger added accessories are $25.

All prices include tax, shipping, and a complimentary mat! 

Can I choose another size for my portrait? Can I choose other customizations for my portrait?

Of course! All customizations are welcome. Let me know what you have in mind and I'll get back to you with a personalized quote. 

How long does each portrait take after I make the order?

Based on the amount of orders I receive, please allow at least three weeks after you make your initial $50 deposit for the portrait to be finished and shipped. 

Do you mat and/or frame the portrait?

Mats are included with each portrait! Adding a frame is $50, which includes the frame and additional shipping costs. 

Do you work from photo reference?

Yes! Photo reference is very important for achieving precise detail. I work primarily from one good photograph, although multiple photographs help me understand your pet's coloration, markings, and proportions from different angles. 

What kinds of photos should I send you, and how many?

At the very minimum, I need one photo of your pet with clear detail and good lighting. An interesting pose or expression is preferred. However the recommended amount of photos is at least two or three of your pet at different angles so I can get a better understanding of their coloration, markings, and proportions. 

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made either on my Etsy Shop or using the secure PayPal link below. For any remaining balance, you will be emailed a secure Paypal link in order to make a payment. 



Updated 2019

This agreement is made between the Artist (Rebecca Figler Kostich DBA Studio Figs), and the Client/Purchaser.


Artist Name: Rebecca Figler Kostich DBA Studio Figs



1. The Artist agrees to produce 1 Artform: 1 (one) Illustrated Pet Portrait depicting Pet(s)

Background: None/White

Medium:  Prismacolor Colored Pencil

Support:  Strathmore 400 Series Bristol Board

Paper Size: 8x10" or 11x14”

2. The Client is to provide their own reference photos (or photos taken by the Artist) to assist the creation of the artwork. An unedited and/or watermarked image will be produced and sighted by the Client before final payment. 


1. The Artist is being paid for the hiring of work (labor) and supplying materials for the Client.   

2, The Artist requires a non-refundable deposit of $50 or other amount mutually agreed to cover the cost of materials.

3. Artist will begin artwork when deposit is received.

4. By paying the deposit, the Client agrees to the Terms of Service. 

Payment Options: 

Full payment of the remaining monies owed is required at handover of the artwork or for delivery. The commissioned artwork will not be released until payment has been made in full.  

The Artist will accept payments by installment throughout the period of creating the artwork. 

Payment Methods: 

  1. Personal Check: Made out to Rebecca Figler Kostich / Studio Figs 

   2. Paypal: Link: 


Note: Artwork will only be delivered once FULL payment has been received and cleared in Artist’s bank account.


  1. The delivery surcharge has been included in the portrait fee.

  2. The parcel will be delivered as registered post or tracking mail and insured for its value.  

  3. The Artist is not responsible for any delays in delivery time once the Delivery Service has the Artwork.  

  4. Risk of Damage or Loss while the artwork is in transit is not the responsibility of the Artist.  

  5. If the artwork is to be returned due to damage, then the matter is to be taken up first with the Delivery service provider to claim through insurance.  



  1. From the date of receiving the $50 deposit, and receiving reference photograph(s) of pet(s) to be depicted, the Artist agrees to complete and ship the artwork between 2 and 3 weeks, or unless mutually agreed to by both parties, earlier or later to the date.
  2. If extenuating circumstances arise and the Artist is unable to complete the artwork by the contract date, the Artist will notify the Client and arrange a new date. If the Client is unhappy with the new date, the Client may choose to cancel the commission, and be refunded any monies paid prior as installments; however the non-refundable deposit of $50 will still remain non-refundable as originally agreed.  



  1. If the artwork does not meet the expectations of Client at completion, there is no obligation for the Client to complete the transaction.  With feedback, the Artist will try to rectify the artwork to meet the Client’s needs, however if the Client remains unsatisfied, the Client will be entitled to a refund of any monies paid prior as installments; however the non-refundable deposit of $50 will still remain non-refundable as originally agreed.  

  2. The canceled commissioned Artwork will remain the property of the Artist. 


  1. The Client is responsible for caring for, maintaining and preserving the acquisition. Once the artwork has arrived in its original condition and in the Client’s possession, the Artist is not held responsible for any damage there afterwards that is a result of poor preservation of the work.

  2. The Artist is not responsible for the weather and the damage weather conditions and environment can do to artwork. It is the Client who is responsible to obtain and apply suitable protection methods.  

  3. The Artist is not responsible for the damage or deterioration of the supports on which the work is on as all due care is taken to use Artist quality and high standard professional materials.  

  4. The Client is to be aware that mediums and materials may deteriorate over time (though due care by the Artist has been taken to use good quality materials). Be advised that Art is ephemeral and due to pollutants in the air, climate conditions and poor care of work, the work could degrade in quality over time, for example, vibrancy of color if artwork is exposed to direct sunlight for substantial periods of time.  



  1. The Client agrees that the work is created by Rebecca Figler Kostich D.B.A. Studio Figs and the Artist retains ALL copyright. No reproduction or manipulation in any form is allowed without Artist’s permission.  
  2. The Artist agrees that the work commissioned is solely her own and an original artwork unless stated or informed otherwise.  


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